Posted on June 02, 2006 · 1 min read

Ordered a 1.83ghz MacBook the evening after they went on sale. Two gigs of RAM have done wonders for the performance of World of Warcraft, to the point where the game is quite playable, as long as I have a mouse nearby.

The machine runs hot, much hotter than the 600mhz iBook it replaced, but the often reported thermal grease fix is probably not a fix at all. The solution appears simple, run the fans earlier. Now we wait for someone to develop such a hack.

Some things I have found.

Windows XP runs fine under Boot Camp, however if you want to be able to right-click, you will have to get control-click to work under Windows. The answer is this little gem, although an external mouse is much better. Another annoyance is the Delete key mappd to Backspace; I have read that remapkey.exe can be used to fix this.

Adium has been a nice surprise, I should have found it earlier.