Minecraft Server on Mac OS X

Posted on November 26, 2016 · 1 min read

10.10 El Capitan

  1. Install homebrew
  2. Install Cask brew install caskroom/cask/brew-cask
  3. Install Java using Cask brew cask install java
  4. Run the regular Minecraft launcher

This installs the latest version of Java 8, and does a little magic for Java 6 app compatibility.

  1. Set the server machine to a fixed ip address
  2. Note what port the Minecraft Server starts as
  3. Use Direct Connect example:


Just load them against the Minecraft.net account


From the server window just type ‘op username’ and the ops.json file will get updated automatically.


Edit ops.json in a text editor; you can get the UUID from the server window when the user logs in.

    "uuid": "54d61e19-71cc-477d-8215-8a11c41f5211",
    "name": "someguy",
    "level": 4

Server Properties


This is a “radius” and defaults to 29999984. Here are some examples:

  • 1000 - 2000x2000 world border
  • 4000 - 8000x8000 world border
  • 432 - Xbox 360 - 864×864 blocks
  • 2560 - Xbox One - 5120x5120 blocks