Weight Reduction

Finally my Miata has the suspension I’ve been lusting after. KYB AGX 8-way adjustable shocks bought new off of eBay. Dealer Alternative (Flyin’ Miata) springs and sway bars off of Dave’s Miata. Dropped her about 1 1/2” and really stiffened up the ride. I did have to remove the front fender liners, and bend back the fastener tabs, to prevent rubbing.

New alignment:

  • Front -1.0 camber, 0 toe, maximum caster
  • Rear -1.5 camber, -1/8 toe

Changed and bled the brake fluid with Valvoline Synpower.


Removed the charcoal canister and windshield washer fluid pump and associated hardware. Plugged the valve cover return and manifold line from the canister.

48,000 miles changed oil and filter, Mobile One Synthetic 5w-30 and Mazda OEM filter.


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