by DarthKirby001
WoW Stress Tester

They're = Contraction for 'they are'  
Their = meaning possession; The possessive form of 'they'.  
There = (adverb) Representing a place/location
(pronoun) Used to introduce a sentence, i.e. "There will be no dawn for Men."

It's = Contraction for 'it is'  
Its = possession

Two = The number 2  
Too = including; in addition; an excessive amount of something  
To = means 'to'...that is all.

Here = location  
Hear = To perceive sound by the ear; one of the five senses.

Where = location  
We're = we are  
Were = past tense of "are"

since = A word  
sinse = Not a word  
sense = A word  
sence = Not a word

Lose - to fail, not win  
Loose - not tight

You're = you are  
Your = possession  
ur = A city of ancient Sumer in southern Mesopotamia on a site in present-day southeast Iraq. One of the oldest cities in Mesopotamia, it was an important center of Sumerian culture after c. 3000 b.c. and the birthplace of Abraham. The city declined after the sixth century B.C.

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