SquirrelMail and SSL

Posted on January 08, 2003 · 1 min read

We decided to try out web-based mail in an attempt to finally get away from Lotus Notes. We wanted something free and relatively open-source, specifically running off of Perl or PHP.

I picked SquirrelMail because I have had previous good experience with it, and Horde/IMP required a whole lot of re-compiling of PHP.

In order to connect SquirrelMail to an IMAP/SSL server, I compiled stunnel http://www.stunnel.org and ran the following command as recommended by the SquirrelMail team:

/usr/sbin/stunnel -P/tmp/ -c -d 10143 -r mail.yoursite.com:993

Then placed this command in /etc/rc.local

This basically maps localhost:10143 to mail.yoursite.com:993 (the IMAP/SSL port), so that SquirrelMail can log in. SquirrelMail then just needs to be configured to connect to mail.yoursite.com:10143.

Some settings notes for SquirrelMail:

Use the Perl configuration script under /opt/http/sqmail/config/conf.pl

SquirrelMail Configuration : Read: config.php (1.2.0)
Server Settings
1.  Domain               : yoursite.com
2.  IMAP Server          : localhost
3.  IMAP Port            : 10143
4.  Use Sendmail/SMTP    : SMTP
6.    SMTP Server        : mail.yoursite.com
7.    SMTP Port          : 25
8.    Authenticated SMTP : false
9.    POP Before SMTP    : false
10. Server               : uw
11. Invert Time          : false
12. Delimiter            : detect

To check if stunnel is running right

ps -elf | grep stunnel

If you don’t see the process,

restart: /usr/sbin/stunnel -P/tmp/ -c -d 10143 -r mail.yoursite.com:993