Three month in the Miata

Posted on January 20, 2003 · 1 min read

Last year, for my birthday, I sold my 2002 Nissan SE-R Spec V and picked up a low-mileage 1994 Mazda Miata. The plan was to have a more-nimble autocross car, with cheap(er) insurance, cheaper parts, that was easier to work on.

Right away I set about tinkering with her. The previous owner had put a couple little bling items on her and removed the front baby teeth. The aftermarket grill was heavy and broken, so it was removed. The wheel/tire package was made up of 16” Konig Wildcards (heavy!) and 205/45-16 Toyo Proxes F24 (heavy and hard!). A stainless Voodoo-like shift nob and stainless e-brake handle accented the interior. The stereo had been upgraded to a Kenwood in-dash CD player and a set of Infiniti Kappas in the doors.


I set about with lots of small changes. I removed the rear baby teeth and replaced the e-brake handle with the factory black one (leaving the stainless button). For Christmas the S.O. bought me a new antennae, a Hella Airhorn, and blanks for the now-removed sun visors. I removed the spare, jack, trunk release cable, and some of the trunk liner and interior sound-deadening and carpet. I sold the front turn signals and rigged up some lights and Gutter Guard to ghetto TSIs. I even removed the driver-side door pull and replaced it with a strap from an old laptop bag.

At 43,000 miles the ol’ girl was switched to Mobile One 10w30 and a Purolator PureOne filter. She shouldn’t have to see dino oil ever again!