Too Many Projects

Posted on June 10, 2005 · 1 min read

Something has been occupying almost all of my free time the past few months.

I really need to update my Projects page. The “new” car has been occupying a great deal of my attention recently. The past week I bled the brakes, changed the radiator fluid and oil, installed a new battery and cleaned out the trunk. Removed a ton of rust with a wire wheel attachment on my cordless drill. Also tried to air it out a little more; the poor thing gets a bit musty inside because of the leak in the trunk.

Found a really cool source for replacement seat belts. I ordered a pair of non-retractable 3-point belts to replace the terrible factory belts. The belts seem of acceptable sturdiness and should work well. I may actually try them out in the Miata because

  1. retractable mechanisms add weight
  2. the adjustment method could mean a very snug fit
  3. unlike a race harness, a policeman would never notice these

Now I need the hood painted and pinstripes removed to make it into a half-decent twenty-footer. The brake pad shims are also badly rusted and I need to clean them up, along with either new caliper pins or a serious amount of rust removal and caliper grease. The stock black steelies do not look bad though.

My DVR project has stagnated now since November 2004 despite the addition of a Hauppauge WinTV PVR-350. I even have a new Sony Trinitron 30” HDTV now… but no DVR capabilities.