Ventrilo for Mac OS X

Posted on July 01, 2005 · 1 min read

Ventrilo is a very popular Teamspeak-like voice application for Windows and Linux. They have stated that a Mac client was in the works but that was over a year ago. I checked on their progress today and found an update from May 30th.

I am very interested in this because I have some issues with Skype

  • No more than five people per conference call
  • High system usage (bandwidth and processor) make for worsened game performance
  • No way to increase or decrease the volume of particular participants
  • No way to reduce quality to reduce bandwidth usage
  • The creators of Skype are the creators of Kazaa. While Skype does not appear to contain spyware or adware (yet) Kazaa is notorious for the horrible crap that it infects your machine with.

This is promising news, but as with most software ports of this kind cough Teamspeak cough I will believe it when I see it.

There may be another option as well, but that will require some testing.