New Toy

Posted on August 22, 2005 · 1 min read

For many years the idea of riding a motorcycle has appealed to me. I have always admired sport bikes of any incarnation; old Honda Interceptors, Gixxers, ‘Busas, gorgeous BMW Rs and the sublime Ducati Monsters.

Unfortunately the wife has had a fixation on cruisers, especially Harleys, since before I met her. I think that cruisers are nice enough, they have everything you need, I guess. The lack of sportiness and the whole “weekend leathers” scene were big turn-offs.

I was looking hard for some kind of compromise. Naked sportbikes, like the sweet SV650, were far too sporty for her. Every showroom was the same; she hated everything I liked. Exasperated, I started to explore used “standard” bikes from the 70s for their cheap entry price and upright riding position.

Then I saw the Triumph Bonneville.


The bike met with wife approval. Triumph Motorcycles Ltd was building beautiful, dependable bikes. Not some overpriced American clunker or Japanese wannabe. Something in its own right. She even picked the color. Black.

Sure the Bonnie is not the fastest bike on the road, but I’m not actively trying to kill myself here. Plus the 790cc vertical twin takes very well to mods.